Time for a Change?

Design is ever changing. Every year a new color is declared, a new style is proclaimed, a new must-have product hits the market. But what really matters is how you feel coming home to your personal space everyday. Do the colors, shapes and textures comfort you? Are you at ease and relaxed? Your home is your sanctuary, your own retreat from the busy world outside your door. Sometimes a simple change -- a new pop of color, an existing piece repurposed in a new way -- can make your home feel special again.


Inspiration from Suburban Home's Alfred Shaheen Collection

Gorgeous new fabrics and trims arrive in our studio all the time. From silk to velvet, cotton to chenille, paisley, brocade, embroidered, sheer, solid, stripe, pattern, every color, any application, any budget. Whatever you envision for your home, you will find it here or we will find it for you!