Kick It Up A Notch

Once you have lived with your furnishings for awhile -- and the timing is different for everyone -- you may just feel a tad bored or simply tired of seeing the same things in the same way everyday. You may be ready to kick things up a notch, and even small changes can make a big difference.


It's easy to add splashes of color, texture and movement by editing and updating your accessories. Imagine some bright new pillows tucked against the arms of your sofa. Mirrors, artwork and wallpaper provide countless options for transforming your space just a little or a lot.


Express Your Style

Most of us have a range of styles and tastes -- a little bit classic, a little bit trendy, a little bit modern. Some rooms may naturally evoke a softer, subtler tone, while others demand an approach that is bold, bright and daring, and you may feel quite comfortable in both.


  • Be open to the possibilities
  • Let your inner style out
  • Delight in the process